With Cross Culture Ventures, Marlon Nichols reimagines the face of startups for a new era

The Los Angeles startup scene has come a very long way from the three-and-a-half years because Marlon Nichols, Troy Carter and Trevor Thomas started Cross Culture Ventures. The town and its neighboring Orange County exurbs were in the start of a venture capital explosion that’s seen invested funds in the area grow from $3.63 billion

Ruminations on decentralization of identifications

It is tax period, which has me considering among the holy grails of technology identities. It is a stirring vision, of a planet where control within our driver’s licenses, passports, birth certificates, social security numbers — that the dining table stakes to take part in the modern market — rests in our hands, instead of

Snapchat to stop copycats

Evan Spiegel has found a way to fight back from the army of clones of Mark Zuckerberg. For 2.5 decades, Snapchat foolishly attempted to take the high street versus Facebook, with Spiegel asserting “Our values are difficult to replicate” This inaction enabled Zuckerberg to accrue over 1 billion each day Stories consumers around Instagram, WhatsApp

Sinemia faces consumer pushback

After Sinemia initially came across our radar, then the business was happily riding the tide of anti-MoviePass marketing. Using its main competition in the middle of what seemed like a historical meltdown, Sinemia thankfully captured headlines as a what seemed like a more secure option for film ticket vouchers. Last July, in the peak of

Uber IPO denies reports that it marketed a short-selling product to Lyft investors

It is getting bare-knuckled out in the wars that are ride-hailing. According to a report earlier today from The Data, recently public Lyft jeopardized Morgan Stanley with legal actions before this week, demanding in a letter which the potent investment bank ceased advertising a short-selling merchandise that it thought was interrupting trading in its inventory.

US companies raised $30B in Q1

Let’s begin this week’s book using a few information. Nationally, startups earned $30.8 billion in the first quarter of 2019up 22 percent, based on Crunchbase’s most up-to-date bargain round-up. A look at the figures reveals a drop in mega-rounds and a drop in the financing, or financings bigger. The amount of mega-rounds dropped in Q1