With Cross Culture Ventures, Marlon Nichols reimagines the face of startups for a new era

The Los Angeles startup scene has come a very long way from the three-and-a-half years because Marlon Nichols, Troy Carter and Trevor Thomas started Cross Culture Ventures. The town and its neighboring Orange County exurbs were in the start of a venture capital explosion that’s seen invested funds in the area grow from $3.63 billion

Ruminations on decentralization of identifications

It is tax period, which has me considering among the holy grails of technology identities. It is a stirring vision, of a planet where control within our driver’s licenses, passports, birth certificates, social security numbers — that the dining table stakes to take part in the modern market — rests in our hands, instead of

Uber IPO denies reports that it marketed a short-selling product to Lyft investors

It is getting bare-knuckled out in the wars that are ride-hailing. According to a report earlier today from The Data, recently public Lyft jeopardized Morgan Stanley with legal actions before this week, demanding in a letter which the potent investment bank ceased advertising a short-selling merchandise that it thought was interrupting trading in its inventory.